Meet the Team


Kimberly (known as K1 in the office)

Kimberly (known as K1 in the office) holds the titles of Founder, Owner, President, Sales Associate, Promo Queen, Snow Scooper, Lawn Mower, and other duties as required.  K1 has over 14 years in the PROMO Industry and loves her clients.   She thrives on being out in public, meeting with clients, and learning about new industry products to keep her clients on trend.

What does she do when she is not taking care of clients? Kimberly enjoys travel, glamping, fishing, and sunshine!

Contact K1- t: 307-630-5340



Kim (known as K2 in the office)

 Kim (known as K2 in the office) has been with MillerPromotions since November 2013.  She thrives on being the behind the scenes person and ultimate multi-tasker.  MillerPromotions confidently relies on K2 to manage the office, accounts payable/receivable, and monthly billing as well as place orders and anything else K1 asks of her!

What does she do when she isn't working on spreadsheets? Kim enjoys wine, food and time with her family... not necessarily in that order. :)




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